Georgia Flu Outbreak: A Scene Analysis

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I would start off the scene with an high angle shot. This angle places importance on the setting, and I want the viewers to focus on the snow. I want them to focus on the fact that it is snowing which makes the world seem to slow. Cars are gradually coming to a stop because the snow is making it difficult to drive. Most people are tucked away inside their homes, so Jeevan is the only one on the sidewalk. From this angle, you will see Jeevan board the streetcar and it start to drive towards his brother’s condo. There will be soft calming music playing in the background, so people do not expect the terror that is about to come. There is always a calm before the storm.
The transition will be brought on by the music being cut off because of
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This scene contains the last few minutes of peace before we find out the Georgia Flu outbreak is about to kill 99% of the population. This book is not intended to be an action film, but I want this scene to come across as if it was. When compared to the rest of the movie, this scene is thrilling and action packed while the rest are more dramatic. It shows the falling of the population as we get snippets from the hospital. It also sets for when the movie flashes twenty years in the future that Jeevan actions are why he is still alive twenty years later. I am cutting Jeevan’s thoughts entirely because I think the shots and emotion shown on the character’s face will be able to get my point across. It also allows me to take emphasis off of Laura. While Jeevan keeps thinking about her in this chapter, I do think she is important to the storyline as a whole. This scene will play a central role in the movie as it will be the last scene in the beginning before we flash to the future. The scenes before this will be of Arthur’s death at the theater. When this scene ends, it will change to twenty years later where we are following the Traveling Symphony

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