Analysis Of Michael Jackson 's ' Dangerous Essay

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Art comes in many shapes, forms, and fashions in the world we live in today. Art comes in the form of music, drawing, writings, and the list goes on and on. A true talent comes from nothing that is practiced but something that is deep within your soul. Music is something that touches the heart, soul, and mind of people all across the nation. When showing artistic talent some may get a big ego, and others just merely have an idol that they try to live up to. In reality we all learn from a person’s different artistic perspectives. It may have been through a song we have heard, a book that was read, or a movie we have watched. We all learn from someone else’s talent everyday. Many American songwriters use their talent, knowledge, or artistic ways to touch the lives of millions through movies, songs, or writings during this day and age. Michael Jackson’s album “Dangerous” reached millions through song in a positive way in my opinion. Michael Jackson is indeed the king of pop and a legend in the music industry when it came to touching the hearts of millions with various songs on his “Dangerous’ album. He has many amazing songs that has touched society from the eighties all the way to now. His music has definitely made a huge impact on mankind’s way of living. People love the music that the Album gave us, but some also envied it as well. The songs Michael Jackson gave us contained no profanity that is how much he loved society. Everyone from parents, children,…

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