Analysis Of Michael Almereyda 's Hamlet Essay

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Michael Almereyda’s Hamlet is one of the most critically debated Shakespeare adaptations due to Almereyda’s stylistic choices for the film. Critics argue over nearly every aspect of the film: Does it successfully translate the central themes found in Shakespeare’s original text? Does the modernization of the plot hinder the audience’s comprehension of the play? Does Almereyda’s decision to cut sixty percent of the original text and replace it with technology prove to be a suitable substitute for the outdated yet meaningful text? Regardless of the difference in opinions, it is undeniable that Almereyda succeeds in presenting his modern, technology-ruled vision of Shakespeare’s famous tragedy – if you know where to look. By cutting so much of the script, Almereyda gives himself the freedom to reconstruct Hamlet in a way that allows the use of technology to present the play’s central themes to the audience through “hidden” meaning. Reviewer Chris Chang best sums up what Almereyda’s intent was for his Hamlet adaptation, saying that “the onslaught of ‘words, words, words’ has been hyper-extended with electronic gadgets and a corresponding overload of ‘images, images, images’”. Almereyda’s use of technology as both a theme and a critical plot element presents the play’s central themes to the audience by creating meaning within the inanimate devices Hamlet finds crucial to his existence and self-expression.
As Hamlet returns to face what has become of Denmark Corporation and his…

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