Essay on Analysis Of ' Men ' And ' Me ' By Rebecca Solnit

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“Mansplaining”, defined as “A man explaining something to someone, typically a woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.” Even though that woman might knows more than that man. It first appeared in 2008 after the essay “Men explain things to me” by Rebecca Solnit was posted online. Mansplaining is based on two words “man” and
“explain,” and those are the essence in Solnit’s essay. Women are afraid of speaking up for themselves or express their own thoughts, ideas. Because men’s self-pride and overweening makes them usually do not value women’s opinions. This issue, even now it’s already 20th century, sexist is still a major problem in the worldwide. In some Middle Eastern countries, women’s testimony doesn’t have a legal standing, they can’t even testify for themselves on cases like date rape, workplace sexual harassment, etc. A person’s credibility or rights should not be defined or limited by their gender. Whether you are man or woman, everyone should have their right to speak and not be ignored. The situation of gender discrimination needs our fully attention before it gets out of control.

All around the world, in any field, women’s words are easily not be taken seriously. In the old days, women don’t have the opportunity to get as much as education like men does.
Because in the old tradition, people think women only needs to stay at home and do the
Chen 2 housework, there’s no need for them to go to school and get the knowledge.…

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