Analysis Of Media Representations Of Juvenile Delinquency Or Juvenile Justice System

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Analysis of Media Representations of Juvenile Delinquency or Juvenile Justice System In the article Trayvon and the Myth of the ‘Juvenile Superpredator’, Steve Drizin discusses the case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in relation to the myth of the juvenile superpredator coined by John Dilulio. As we discussed in class, while this supposed new breed of criminals never surfaced, the myth that they would has changed how society sees certain adolescents. Drizin speaks on the fact that by 2001, the Surgeon General of the United States stated there was no evidence of these superpredators. However, George Zimmerman would have been in his mid-teens during the height of the myth and therefore at least had heard of it. Drizin’s theory is that when George Zimmerman saw Trayvon Martin, he didn’t see an innocent kid but he saw the superpredator myth. There is no citing of sources in the article, though Drizin, a clinical law professor, does reference John Dilulio as the mind who coined the term in 1995, as describing superpredators as “subhuman”, “amoral”, “feral” creatures, and as forecasting a “coming Armageddon” of this “new breed”. Drizin also references the Surgeon General of the United States as having issued a report stating that there “is no evidence” that youth who were engaged in violence during the 1990’s “were more frequent or vicious than youth of earlier eras.” Lastly, he references George Zimmerman’s phone call with the police. He states that Zimmerman told…

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