Analysis Of Mcgrath Wind Farm Of Excellence Essay

735 Words Jul 29th, 2015 3 Pages
McGrath Wind Farm of Excellence, we visited on 22 July, 2015, the role of the facility makes electricity from wind. The facility is located in 40 kilometers south of Lethbridge, Alberta. Then, this company established it in 1962, but the facility started in 2004. The wind-generated electricity is an electricity generating system using a wind-force. The wind power energy is accepted as the maintenance of natural environments, the energy source that it can secure of the energy security as one of the renewable energy, and wind-power plant and a wind-generated electricity device are built by many grounds. I saw it, and sail is used for the promotion of the ship for pumping and irrigation powder more a pumping windmill the windmill such as the windmill so that a generation windmill gets mechanical power for generation as the use of the wind power energy. The huge wind-power plant is comprised of the pinwheel of several hundred connected to a power transmission line. The wind-generated electricity is cheaper than a power station by fossil fuel such as coal, the gas, and it is said that I have competitiveness. 83 countries are using wind-generated electricity, and electricity now. Then, it performed a consecutive system of in the world by a system. The facilities capacity of the wind-generated electricity spreads rapidly to 336GW in June, 2014 and 4% of world electric demand are wind-generated electricity and still suddenly increase. Use of special clothing and safety equipment…

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