Analysis Of Mccarthy 's ' Football After School ' Essay

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In “Football After School’, on the surface it seems that McCarthy is only exploring a mother’s feelings about her son attending a football club, yet McCarthy gives us an insight of the mother’s feelings towards what she believes her son will become, her son’s future and indeed how well he will cope with life. This is shown through the mother’s paradoxical, nurturing and protective feelings of fear, worry and concern, hope and a projection of her own insecurities.

Initially, McCarthy presents the mother to be fairly hopeful about her son’s future. For instance, the mother creates a vivid picture of some teenage boys “with the premature swagger of manhood” who also play football, and she relates them to what her son will be like in the future. Indeed, she creates battle images with the use of “warpaint” and “you school tie a stiff striped dagger” which suggests that she dreads the potential violence in her son, and she therefore resents the fact that he will grow up. However, it also can show her hopes that he will be tough enough to handle what life throws at him by saying, “You’ll be one of them in a few years”. Furthermore, McCarthy uses a metaphor, “picking scabs of kisses off your skin”, which supports the mother’s belief in her son’s strength by implying that his figurative as well as literal physical contact in the future will be gruesome, aggressive and will leave a permanent mark, unlike in his childhood where physical contact was very much kisses and hugs. In…

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