Analysis Of Maxed Out, An Target For Credit Card Companies Essay

746 Words Sep 19th, 2016 3 Pages
I found the movie, Maxed Out, to be very informative. I learned a lot of things from watching it. The first thing that really captured my attention was credit card companies and how college students are a main target for them. I found that part of the movie very important. The second fact that caught my eye was that a person can buy another’s debt. I thought that was interesting but not a very smart thing to do. The third thing that piqued my interest was about the company Providian.
As I mentioned in the first paragraph, college students are a main target for credit card companies. Me being a freshman in college, I found this enlightening and important. Being raised in the business world, I realize that every company has a role to play in the society and has to make money in some way to survive. However, I do not agree with the way the credit card companies run things. I find it wrong that vendors are required to pay the consumer’s fee for using their card. This takes money out of a vendor’s pocket, and that isn’t right. I know that it’s not just the companies’ fault that college students, or anyone for that matter, are digging themselves a deep hole of debt that they can’t pay back. A main cause of this is that people aren’t fully aware of what they apply for, and they should be. People don’t comprehend that when sellers are broadcasting “free” goods, they aren’t really free. In fact, not one thing is free in this world, everything has a cost. Growing up, that was a…

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