Essay about Analysis Of Matthew Arnold 's Poem ' Dover Beach '

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These are the dark days, dominated by fear, doubt, anger, and violence. However, most are blinded with pleasure and desire and so, refuse to see the hopelessness of the world. Then, there are the handful who are able to see this hopelessness and its destruction, so they try to share with the blind the mercy and hope found in their faith, but the blind turn deaf and choose to ignore. In Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach”, mood and metaphor further reinforce the idea that this world is a broken one due to the continued death of faith. The poem begins by describing a calm sea whose “tide is full” (2), and a moon that shines brightly upon it. This image helps create a feeling of peace and calm where all is well. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the sea becomes agitated and its “waves draw back” (10) and start hurling pebbles back and forth creating this “grating roar” (9) that disrupts the feeling of peace established at the beginning. The calm shifts and is replaced with a shaky rhythm that carries an “eternal note of sadness” (14) that brings to “mind the turbid ebb and flow/ Of human misery” 17-18). Here, the change in mood begins revealing the essence of what is actually happening in the sea, and even more so, in the world. From a first glance, the calm sea shows no anger or harshness to it, just as the world, when first looking at it, shows no horror. Nonetheless, as the waves start to stir up and begin to throw pebbles onto land, the sea starts…

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