Analysis Of Matriarchy - A Short Story Essay

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Matriarchy – a short story.
I was eight when I realized something was different about me. I was ten when I asked my auntie why I wasn’t allowed to go to school with the girls. I coulda done a lot of things to change the way I live now. I coulda made the Change, I guess. It’s the only way to avoid gettin’ stuck in a job I don’t want. “Praise your enlightenment,” my auntie would probably say, with a smile on her thin, pale lips. She’s an old, traditional woman. Hates men talking back to her—or trying to stand up to her at all. She always has rude words about grown men. “They’re horrible wastes of space. I say we should just euthanize half of them and have the rest donate their fluids for reproduction. Having to share with them is nearly impossible.” I always thought how could she stand saying things like that to me—her nephew. I asked her once; she laughed, and didn’t answer my question. All she said was: “Oh, my child, you’re not a man yet. You still have time.” Time to make the Change, I suppose. That was when I was nine. The older I got, the colder my aunt and every other woman got to me.
As a kid, I was dressed in weird clothes—jeans and shirts with ‘girly’ colors and designs. I guess my auntie was trying to make me think like a girl. I wish it had worked. If I was a girl, I could go to school, I could learn more about science and history and everything boys weren’t supposed to care about. See, boys don’t getta go to school past fifth grade. The leaders of the…

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