Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Humans are not born with the general sense between right and wrong. As they grow older, they start to develop habits and build personalities based on the way they are being raised. However certain situations lead choosing between right and wrong to be a challenge. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein is a character who dreams of exceeding beyond human imaginations. While trying to accomplish his goals, he conquers various situations that change his way of making decisions. Victor’s desire surpasses his sense of what family is, which cultivates his inner fear leading him to take action while being oppressed by society. Therefore, like Victor, humans tend to choose wrong over right as their passion overtakes their sense of knowledge, growing their inner fear which pushes them to take actions over society’s pressure. Victor’s desire surpasses his sense of what family is. Victor can only think about his project and working to create his magnificent creature that he leaves his family during the time they need him the most. When Victor’s mother’s funeral occurs, the atmosphere is very gloomy and depressing. Victor says, “It appears to me sacrilege so soon to leave the repose, akin to death, of the house mourning and to rush into the thick of life.” (Shelley 29) Victor is sent to the University of Ingolstadt in order to further expand his studies. Victor’s project that he left incomplete to visit his family after the death of his mother…

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