Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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In Mary Shelley’s book, Frankenstein, the reader experiences the complex relationship between a creator and its creation. One gathers an insight on the desires a creator has for its creation to be without blemish, and gains an understanding for the aftermath of when that futile ambition is not met. The effects experienced by Victor Frankenstein and his monster, after the monster was created, can be compared to the effects that postpartum depression has on a mother as well as her child. To begin with, Victor undergoes many side effects after creating his monster that correspond to the side effects woman bear during the postpartum period after child birth. For example, Many new mothers are not able to deal with postpartum depression due to many factors that Kettunen states in the following, “Moreover, mothers often face barriers to seeking help, such as an inability to disclose their feelings or to recognize the symptoms of depression; they also lack of knowledge about postpartum depression” (3). The reader is exposed to the full extent of Victor’s condition when his friend Clerval made an unannounced trip to see him. Victor, unable to alleviate his anxiety by engaging to his friend into the situation, had a nervous breakdown when he came to the realization that the monster was no longer in the confinement of his apartment. He began to imagine that the monster was there and commenced ambushing him, “ I imagined that the monster seized me; I struggled furiously, and fell…

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