Essay on Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein takes the reader on a journey around countries in Europe, and brings you as far as the Arctic. The story involves one man 's desire to use his passion and love of science to create a living organism. The reader follows along as Frankenstein deals with the emotional stress from playing the hand of God. Shelley’s choice of setting plays an important role in connecting the audience with the story on an emotional level helping them feel the fear, stress, anger and joy felt by characters in the novel. It becomes evident that the author’s knowledge and choice of setting is vital to the theme and tone of the story.
Throughout Frankenstein many different settings are introduced to the reader, most of the environments centered around Europe as well as the Arctic. Mary Shelley, the author, uses so many fascinating environments to capture the true story of Frankenstein. Most of the settings create a sense of darkness and fear, all of which are representative of the dark and troubled life Victor lived after he left Geneva. Victor spent his early life growing up in Geneva with his mother and father, and he met Elizabeth, his one true love in his hometown. Victor describes the beautiful landscape of Geneva and the memories created in there, as lovingly, with its “...majestic and wondrous scenes…”, until he denied the Creature of a wife. When Victor destroyed the female he was creating for the Creature, the Creature vowed to destroy all that was important to…

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