Essay on Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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The society accepts those who fit the norm and reject those who are the outliers. What is considered to be socially accepted? In today’s society, cultural norms are heavily influenced by many factors: Celebrity, Models, Athletes, Influential Speaker and even culture; these factors put societal norms in order. As one moves from norm to another, they adjust their behaviour accordingly in order to feel socially accept – the desire to belong. In Shelley’s book “Frankenstein”, the creature is the prime example of someone who was rejected by the society norm. His abnormal behaviour and unusual appearance did not meet the expectation and the continuous rejection from human society only added more grief to his life. By combining all these aspects, he struggles to achieve his essential survival needs – The Maslow Hierarchy. In the book “Frankestein”, the author Mary Shelley shows that the social ostracism extracted him to achieve Maslow Hierarchy because he did not fit in the society norm.

Alienation – an isolation between an individual and a group of people in a community – is one of the challenging obstacles the creature cannot overcome; his deficient knowledge and his unusual appearance are the causes to alienate him in society. On the account of being alienated, his safety has become endangered and he struggles to achieve the fundamentals of safety survival. “It was about seven in the morning and I longed to obtain food and shelter.” (Shelley 179) Shelley describes the…

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