Essay on Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Summer reading journal: Frankenstein

Mary Shelley begins Frankenstein with a note to the readers describing the events which led to the idea and creation of the story. Immediately I feel a connection to Shelly due to the fact that the story of Frankenstein essentially came from a nightmare. I have also experienced a nightmare that I would like to make into a story or short film. Knowing this, I hope to feel a connection of sorts with the writing and maybe use Frankenstein as a potential stylistic template for my own short story. I don’t understand why Shelly decides to begin Frankenstein with Robert Walton’s letters to his sister. This just seems to complicate the story since it is very easy to tell that the man they first saw was Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, and the man they saved was Dr. Frankenstein himself. It leaves me to wonder how the story is going to proceed from this point onwards. I also noticed that Robert Walton signs his letters in different ways, “R.W.,” “R. Walton,” and “Robert Walton.” I find this strange because I feel that everyone has only one or two ways they sign a letter. It surprises me that Elizabeth’s description of her physical characteristics is so similar to Cathy’s from East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Maybe this is the standard features used universally to depict someone who is beautiful and innocent? Though their personalities differ greatly, the physical characteristics they share is uncanny. Also I admire Shelly’s use of imagery with the…

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