Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a remarkable science fiction. The theme of motherhood reflects the influence of parenting on children. Mothers are expected to take a more physical role rather than just take care of their children by nursing. The parenting style has a profound meaning on building children’s qualities and personalities. Victor’s parents give him unlimited love that allows him to do anything. He lacks instruction and awareness of responsibility to others. After his mother’s death, Victor decides to create the creature to discover the meaning of life. The reason why he does this insane action based on this personalities and concepts in the process of growing up. The overindulged child only concentrates on himself. Furthermore, Sherry portrays another parenting relationship: the creator Victor and his “child”, the monster. It is notably that they are both motherless children without perspective about responsibility. In Mary Shelley’s novel she gives an example about the character of spoiled children and the influence of limited guidance to children. The parenting without any restriction and guidance will do no good in children’s growing, and both motherhood and parenting style would greatly impact on children’s personalities.
Love to children does not mean allowing them to do anything. In the first chapter, we are told that he was born into a wealthy family from Geneva. Victor is growing like a spoiled child. The parents try best to provide and ensure a better…

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