Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Extracts derived from Letter IV of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein foreshadows the elementary ideas that are instilled during the course of the novel. Throughout key ideas and motifs such as the pursuit of knowledge and the dangers involved, appreciation for nature and the sublime, elements that make this a gothic text, the recurring motif of life and death or light and dark. These ideas are found throughout the text and consistently recur. Shelley instilled these ideas because of the political perspectives that would have influenced her, her husband the romantic poet P.B Shelley her father William Goodwin and his friend the Scientist Erasmus Darwin.
The pursuit of knowledge and the dangers involved in that is perhaps the most repetitive moral explored in the novel. Both Walton and Victor at some point throughout their journeys have a thirst for knowledge that drives them. A clear juxtaposition between these two characters is see, Walton naïve and inexperienced “One man’s life or death were but a small price to pay for the acquirement on knowledge” is rebutted with angst by Victor Frankenstein with his rhetorical question “Unhappy man! Do you share my madness? Have you drunk also of the intoxicating draught? Hear me – let me reveal my tale, and you will dash the cup from your lips.” The drink and cup a metaphor for danger, this quote leads us to believe that Frankenstein knows better in these matters and foreshadows the tale he is about to tell. Leads to narrative shift…

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