Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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“Story analysis of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley”
Mary was born in 1797 as Mary Wollstonecraft. Just 10 days after given birth to Mary her mother had died not even knowing she gave birth to a baby girl. Mary’s father was left alone with his newborn baby and a 2 year old. Both kids were products of an affair. Mary’s father was a political activist and was known to be a brilliant man. Mary’s mother who was also named Mary was a famous feminist. When her mom died Mary started to visit her grave site eating, and reading besides her mom’s tombstone. When Mary had turned 5 her father remarried, his new wife was named Mary. The new mother did not like Mary Shelley at all. Some critics happen to believe this is what inspired the famous Cinderella story. When Mary’s father sent her off she met her boyfriend at the time whose name was Percey Shelley who happened to be a married man at the time. They fell in love ran off to get married, and gave birth to a premature baby who had died. Percey tried to bring the baby back through reincarnation. By the time Mary turned 16 years old she had given birth a total of 3 times with all kids having died shortly afterwards. Percey went, and got his actual wife pregnant at the time then decided he did not want to leave Mary so the wife committed suicide. Mary and her husband Percey decided to go live with Lord Byron for a while. Lord Byron, Percey, Mary and her cousin all started having orgies except for his male doctor who only had private intimate…

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