Essay on Analysis of Mary Rowlandson

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Literary Analysis February 10, 1675 was a sorrowful day for Mary Rowlandson’s hometown (Lancaster). Indians came and destroyed their town showing no remorse. Many were killed and wounded. Some were taken captive. Among those captive is a women named Mary Rowlandson. Throughout her captivity she kept a journal of all her removals and interactions she had with the Indians. The day the Indians invaded their town they used hatchets, arrows, and guns to scare and harm the colonists. Rowlandson herself was shot in the side from a raining cloud of bullets. Her sister’s eldest son gave word to her about them being wounded and she in return says “And Lord, let me die with them” (258). When her sister spoke these words, almost immediately …show more content…
During the twelfth removal Rowlandson had to find a wigwam to stay in. She asked around to several Indians all rejecting her. One old Indian told her to come to his wigwam where he made her as comfortable as a captive could be. “His squaw gave me some ground nuts; She gave me also something to lay under my head, and a good fire we had; and through the good providence of God, I had a comfortable lodging that night” (271). As a Puritan, Rowlandson, Instead of choosing to believe the old Indian was being kind; Rowlandson believes that God made him act kindly towards her.
Another thing puritans believe in is affliction. Rowlandson believes that affliction is deserved and it will all be worth it when you get to paradise (heaven).Rowlandson says “Yet I can say, that in all my sorrows and afflictions, God did not leave me to have my impatience work towards himself, as if his ways were unrighteous. But I knew that He laid upon me less than I deserved” (272). After speaking this she comes across another scripture that speaks to her, Psalm 37.5 “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass” (272).
In the thirteenth removal Rowlandson came across an English boy. He was sick and the wigwam he was staying at threw him out into the cold. Rowlandson took pity on the boy and made him a fire. Afterwards Rowlandson felt she needed to pray Paul’s Prayer. “That we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men” (273). Rowlandson loved her

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