Analysis Of Mary Daly 's ' Ob / Ecology ' Essay

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In Gyn/Ecology, Mary Daly aims to take the reader on a journey to a new unconventional reality. Throughout the book, Daly invents words and coherently rambles about the origin of the patriarchal society we live in. She speaks to all kinds of people - battered, strong, independent- and continues pressing until the reader inevitably breaks. Daly aims to distort our perception of the world, which makes her writing so brilliant. She sets a chaotic, uncomfortable mood that urges the reader to move away from a state stagnancy and uncertainty. She urges the reader to examine their unexamined lives. Her creation of this new language and dialogue takes the reader out of their impure mindset and grants passage to an anti-patriarchal reality that is easily accessible. Daly delivers a feminist perspective that is unlike any other feminist platforms; and her book tells us how we can turn this perspective into a societal standard.
In the appendix to the new introduction, Bonnie Mann writes of her experience in working with abused women. Mann uses Gyn/Ecology to help with her work, urging individuals to stray away from acceptance and to move towards questioning. Mann’s goal is to guide the women to the discovery of her toxic situation. She aims to stir up a moment of freedom and realization rather than bondage and rationalization. Like Daly, Mann attempts to carry women to a state of “be-ing”, rather than a state of existing in the male-centric world she is forced to accept. To get there,…

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