Analysis Of Martin Scorsese 's ' The Fascinating Three Hour Long Hollywood '

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Martin Scorsese directed this fascinating three hour long Hollywood biopic following the life of one of the wealthiest man in the world of the 20th century, Howard Hughes. The Aviator focuses on the mid-1920 through the 1940’s in the life of Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). The time of his interest in producing and directing movies, passion for airplanes, heated love affairs and scrappy corporate battles. The aviator follows the prolific events that occurred during Hughes big-budget World War I air epic called Hell 's Angels, and often controversial move called The Outlaw. His romances with Katherine Hepburn (played by Cate Blanchett), Ava Gardner (Kate Bekinsale), and Faith Domergue (Kelli Garner). His attentions as he began designing new planes, setting air speed records, flying around the world, and risking his life testing aircraft. Howards Expansion of Trans-World Airlines while gaining many powerful enemies, including the head of Pan-American Airlines, Juan Trippe (Alec Baldwin), and Senator Ralph Owen Brewster (Alan Alda), who attempted to prove that Hughes ' profound airplane design ideas made him owe 56 million dollars to the U.S government, cheating American taxpayers during the war through government contracts. The movie captures all of these important times of his life while including Hughes reclusive character with unconventional and slightly strange behavior like being trapped in repetitive senseless and distressing thoughts regarding his germ phobia that…

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