Analysis Of Martin Luther King 's ' I Have A Dream ' Essay

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Martin Luther King stood above two hundred and fifty thousand individuals of all ages, sexes, and races at the country 's capital on August 28th, 1963. It was given in Washington D.C. on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. Basically, the speech was based on the rights of the people and being treated equal. The “I Have a Dream” speech has been considered one of the most greatest and powerful speeches in history. King’s compelling "I Have a Dream" starts with him addressing racial injustice and ends with what he hopes for the future. His most important reason for the speech is equality. He repeats several words and phrases to express the severity of his concerns. With him doing this it emotionally hit individuals to inspire change. King uses many famous pieces of work to back up what he has to say. He uses a lot of pathos and both ethos and logos all through his discourse to what he hopes to come in the future. He has a fantasy that all men are free and that with this opportunity all are equivalent.

Martin Luther uses an appeal to Ethos Lincoln was a great president who enabled the American individuals through the war. He picked up the trust of America and gave them feeling of freedom. Martin Luther King is referring to the power of Lincoln and his perspective on social liberties. This shows his dependability to the crowd. "Five score years prior, an extraordinary American, in whose typical shadow we stand today, marked the liberation declaration." In his next appeal to…

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