Essay about Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. responds to Birmingham clergymen, despite his unwillingness to respond to criticism. He explains that he is in Birmingham to give justice where it is deserved. With no negotiation, non-violent pressure is needed. African Americans living in the United States have been ridiculed, beaten, and killed because of their color, and yet they are the ones who are constantly blamed for breaking laws that are considered unjust. In order to achieve fairness for all people, laws need to change. If action and change is not taken now, then the situation will only continue to get worse. Nonviolent protest is the best way to avoid violence. Unfortunately, the oppressors did not understand this and categorized protesters as extremist. In that sense, Jesus Christ was an extremist which we need more of. However, when it came time for the church community to put their teachings into action and stand by them, it was a great disappointment. He expected more. Although some religious people have joined Martin Luther King, Jr., most leaders have not. Even so, Martin Luther King, Jr. believes they will win this fight. People should call the demonstrators heroes because they support the American dream. Martin Luther King, Jr. asks for forgiveness if anything in his letter was wrong hopes to see everyone soon.
The King uses rhetorical device of pathos through emotions of fear, anger, and disappointment throughout the letter.

Martin Luther King, Jr. uses the emotion of fear to…

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