Essay on Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Austin Southers
Professor Case
Eng 124.06
5 October 2016
Segregation Law
While in Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King Jr writes a letter response to a public statement, wrote by white religious leaders in the south. In this letter that, Mr. King writes, he hits the topic of discrimination and segregation opposed on the African American community. Because of the leadership role that Martin Luther King was portraying, this led to him being arrested and brought to Birmingham Jail. This is where King begins to write his letter calling out segregation issues by using the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos.
First, some initial background information about Martin Luther King. MLk comes from a long line of southern Baptists, where his father and grandfather both priest themselves. Also King comes from a very well educated family that did not prevent King from experiencing racial discrimination. At the young age of six years old King first hand experienced prejudice when a white friend of Mr. King said, his parents said that he could no longer play with Martin, because they went to segregated schools. Later in King’s life, he worked a summer on a tobacco farm up north, where he had a first-hand experience with a peaceful lifestyle of blacks and whites living together. This event only fueled his hatred for segregation. Later on, King transferred over to Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania King began to research about Mohandas Gandhi’s philosophy of…

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