Analysis Of Martin Luther King Jr 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Although there are laws against injustice, it is still prevalent in the American society because of peoples’ lack of moral judgement. In Martin Luther King Jr’s “ Letter from Birmingham jail,” King depicts his opposition to racism,war, and poverty, as well as his support for non-violence, racial equality, and economic justice.In Steven Pinker’s “ The Moral Instinct,” Pinker explains how people do not explore moral grounds and decide what is right and wrong based on social norms. People often ignore individual moral judgement and justify immoral action, based on what society deems moral.
In Birmingham during the 1960’s, African-American people suffered severe economic deprivation and job discrimination . The city’s history of brutality by white people towards African-Americans was long and horrific.Colored folks were not allowed in amusement parks,motels and other recreational spots. King opposed this institutional racism in employment,housing and local administration of education,welfare and criminal justice. He embraced a more coercive non-violent strategy to address this issue,which is direct action. One of King’s ways to implement direct action was the Birmingham Campaign, which consisted of lunch sit-ins in colleges and universities .His protest and the violence against the protesters were broadcasted nationally and the Birmingham Campaign gained a momentum and national awareness towards the civil rights movement.
Although the laws of American Society were once…

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