Analysis Of Martha 's House, Martha And Her Baby Brother Essay

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That same day there were people going in and out of Jamie’s house, Martha and her baby brother are over at the narrator’s house. Martha is a disenfranchised griever. She is about four years old and understands that Jamie is “dead” and will not return home but instead is on his way to heaven to play with the angels. Martha considering her age does not weep for her older brother though she understands the literal context of an end to a life. What makes Martha a disenfranchised griever is that she is not included in the commencement and funeral process, therefore. She is excluded and does not have a great sense on what is happening and there is no one to explain it to her. In addition, Martha and her baby brother will not attend the funeral further excluding them. Martha makes a reference that Jamie is as dead as a bird the boys found once that they tried to nurture back to life. The bird did not have the strength to survive like how the doctors could not save Jamie from his allergic reaction. It is worth noting that the narrator has experienced a loss, a premature loss of an animal that will help him deal with this loss. Aside from not eating, the narrator has also lost his ability to speak and form words. His brain is functioning properly but he cannot articulate his thoughts to words. Though he feels he has much to say especially to Mrs. Mullins. The narrator recognizes his difficulty speaking lately and understands it correlates with Jamie’s death. The story continues…

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