Analysis Of Martha Nussbaum 's ' Patriotism And Cosmopolitanism '

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In every country or a single person has a feeling for both competition and cooperation with others. Mostly likely with two countries, such as United States or Russia, it always leads up towards competition, however hidden behind all these competition stories of ‘Which country has the most powerful military?’ or ‘Which country has the most advance technology that shook the world?’; There are some cooperation actions that improve the sustainability in people’s lives and safety. I agree that every country reach globalization as a connection to help others to understand in both cultures and their goals. In Martha Nussbaum’s essay, “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism”, criticize on Richard Rorty’s article of how most of the US citizens are unpatriotic and aren’t supportive to their own country. Yet Nussbaum disagree that the US citizens are not patriotic enough. She defended as cosmopolitanism to be “citizen of the world” for everybody to behave and respect for the different countries and not only our own country. Nussbaum recommend cosmopolitanism education to students and adults for understand the about the history from different ethics, relationship between the other countries, and other countries’ global problem. Nussbaum noted that America is getting a bit more ignorance for avoiding world problems. In a certain section from Nussbaum’s essay, she explains how some countries include main ones uses international cooperation to solve problems. Problems such as equipment, food,…

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