Analysis Of Marlon Riggs ' Film Black Is / Black Ain 't A Group Of Very Diverse Individual

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In America today there is a lot of controversy that surrounds those who identify as black. Majority of our American media outlets displays blackness in a negative manner. Black people are stereotyped as being uneducated, dependent, violent, and many other characteristics that makes our race appear inferior. For every negative comment mentioned in the media about what it means to be black I can reply with two positive comments because my point of view of blackness greatly differs from the media. I believe that being black in America can mean different things for every individual, whether they are black or of another ethnicity. In Marlon Riggs’ film Black is/Black Ain’t a group of very diverse individuals came together and discussed their experiences with stereotypes and what it meant to them to identify as black. The writers, scholars, and ordinary people in Rigg’s film suggest that there is no one single black identity in America, black people are among the most diverse groups in the world, and there is multiple views of black culture which can be both positive and negative. I personally agree with these beliefs. In the film it is mentioned that there is no one single black identity in America. An individual who identifies as black may look different, talk different, and behave different from other people who also identify as black. In the black community everyone is brought up differently and therefore we will not all share the same values and beliefs. In my opinion…

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