Analysis Of Mark Twain 's The Gilded Age Essay

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In the late 19th Century during the post-Civil War era in American history, the economy began to see a tremendous shift in industrial growth. Mark Twain a well-known storyteller in America referred to this period as the Gilded Age, which was also a time of corruption (Unknown Author, n.d.b). During the Gilded Age, Native Americans opposed assimilation. Also, the American West was being presented with several opportunities for economic growth, within the Gilded Age. Also, how Manifest Destiny was impacted by the Gilded Age era politically and socially.
During the Gilded Age, the U.S. military presented such greed and hostility over the turn of phrase expression Native Americans Land and used whatever means necessary to retrieve any land owned by the Native Americans. Consequently, the military would possess the Native Americans land, whether they surrendered willingly or not (Unknown Author, n.d.a). Furthermore, the U.S. military felt as though the Native Americans, after all, should be treated with some amount of respect by offering them assimilation (Unknown Author, n.d.a). Assimilation meant that the Native Americans would have to surrender their tribal traditions and convert to the American culture.
However, Native Americans would become civilized Americans, besides, having to adjust to the American traditional way of living. Nonetheless, the military attempt for assimilation in regards to the Indians was not a practical plan. A good plan was revised which…

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