Essay on Analysis Of Mark Twain 's ' Huck Finn '

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In the novel, Mark Twain uses details to model the error of societal norms. A good example of this is the episode with the Grangerford family. The Grangerfords have a feud with the Shepardsons. Both families are wealthy, educated, and religious, but are seen in church with guns. The feud has been going on for thirty years and neither family knows the exact cause. Buck Grangerford describes how a feud works to Huck, “’A feud is this way: A man has a quarrel with another man, and kills him; then that other man 's brother kills him…and by and by everybody 's killed off, and there ain 't no more feud,’” (97). The quote is an example of wealthy people’s irrational thoughts. The families are killing each other for no reason. While the families should be models for society due to their wealth, they are not due to their corrupt thinking. Later in the novel Huck Finn decides to write a letter to Miss Watson telling her about how he helped Jim run away. In this time period this would be seen as the right and holy thing to do. Huck later gets the feeling that writing the letter is wrong because he would betray his friend. He decided to tear it up, “I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: ‘All right then, I’ll go to hell’—and tore it up. It was awful thoughts and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said," (191). While writing the letter may have been the societally right thing to do it was not morally. Twain repeatedly uses details to…

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