Essay on Analysis Of Mark Twain 's A Different Voice

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Mark Twain took one of the most controversial topics in his present society and incorporated it into the main theme of his novel. The idea of artificial differentiation made between people is naive and childlike. He direct attacks the adults and children of his society, for not being able to fully understand these elementary moral concepts. According to Langston Hughes “Mark Twain was a man ahead of his time"(Langston185). He uses character Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn to demonstrate his philosophy of what people should aspire to be. Circumventing his opposition to the social stigmas put on women of his time, Twain mocks traditional intellectuals, by demonstrating that a women are just as capable as men.
Carol Gilligan’s study ‘In a Different Voice “challenges the sexism implicit in many psychoanalytic studies. She observes the sexism that takes male morality as a superior standard, and does not recognize the moral development of women at all” (Freedman 19). The absence of qualified father figures in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer enlighten the reader to the concept of having strong and qualified women. Not just suited for tending to a child and household chores, but women such as Aunt Polly, The Widow Douglas, and Mary who become substitute fathers. These forgotten fathers where satirically absent to allude to the absurdity of patriarchal society. Aunt Polly is both the mother and father figure in Tom’s life. She provides the tender loving nature of a…

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