Analysis Of Mark Moore 's Strategic Triangle Essay

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Public value, or the value an organization contributes to society is a key judge of the effectiveness of organizations. Value is determined by what the public prefers. An organization is tasked with the role to manage and adapt assets in order to best maximize public value. As both the public and non-profit sectors perform in an environment that undergoes persistent change and imposes resource limitations, it is imperative that strategists use a framework that increases value. The Strategic Triangle, a public value model created by Mark Moore, offers the most ideal and comprehensive framework for strategists and organizations alike. This paper will analyze how Planned Parenthood utilizes the Strategic Triangle in order to maximize public value.
Mark Moore’s strategic triangle is comprised of public value, operational capacity and legitimacy and support. Public value is the public benefit produced. Operational Capacity is described as the abilities required to create value, whereas legitimacy and support is the resources an organization has or needs in order to take action. According to Moore, one of the most likely reasons organizations suffer from strategic failure is when an organizations goals do not align with what the community desires (Kavanagh, 2013). If an organization lacks long-term public value it also runs the risk of failure. The Strategic triangle comes into play because there is no single element of success, but instead all components of the framework must be…

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