Analysis Of Mark Herman 's ' The Stripped Pyjamas ' Essay example

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The boy in the stripped pyjamas directed by Mark Herman is set during World War 2 and follows the life of an 8 year old boy named Bruno whose father is a commander for the SS and lives near a concentration camp. Bruno decides to adventure himself in his backyard forest where he comes upon a fenced concentration camp, where he has made friends with a young Jewish boy named Shmuel. The historical accuracy of this movie towards the Holocaust is barely accurate to the facts that children didn’t live nor survived in the camps, that the camps weren’t under high security, and that everyone seemed ignorant to the terrible things happening to the Jews. According to the United States Holocaust memorial website the children were extremely vulnerable during the holocaust, most children under the age of 11-12 weren’t useful to the Germans and their concentration camps so they basically sent them straight to the gas chambers or shot them on arrival of the camps. Shmuel and Bruno are presented in the movie to be not older than 8 years of age which is the first proof that the movie is inaccurate towards the reality of the events, it would have been impossible for them to carry out their friendship, since Shmuel wouldn’t have survived selection in the camps. Before the Jews were sent off to camp they were forced to live in ghetto’s where some children would try to escape with or without their parents to try to survive, or some would go into hiding just like the famous Anne Frank who went…

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