Analysis Of Mark Herman 's ' The Boy 's The Striped Pajamas '

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was a movie directed by Mark Herman released in 2008. The setting of the story was in a German household near a concentration camps during World War 2. The movie portrayed a vivid image of the effects and lives of people during this horrible time period. The way the Nazi soldiers and the Jewish people were displayed were accurate and very emotional. The movie did its part in informing people of this grim period in time, and makes people who watch it realize just how gruesome of a person Hitler was.
The protagonists of the movie are a German boy named Bruno, and a Jewish boy named Shmuel. Bruno is an eight year old boy who is very young and inexperienced. He often doesn’t realize what’s happening around him and is very uninformed of his surroundings. He is never aware of how lucky he is in the situation with his father being a commandant and Bruno not being in the camps. In addition to being unaware, he is also a very curious child. Bruno will often explore around and get into places where he doesn’t quite belong. He often wanders off on his own and doesn’t seem to follow directions well. Shmuel is also eight years old, but differs from Bruno in his character and personality. Shmuel is a poor, Jewish boy who was forced in the concentration camps and has lost all he’s ever owned. He is very reserved, and the viewer can infer just from his appearance that he has been through a rough time in his life. He appears unhappy, which is logical since he…

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