Analysis Of Mariama Ba's Scarlet Song

Mariama Ba is a Senegalese author and feminist. She was born in Dakar, and was raised a Muslim. She perceived the inequalities between the sexes resulting from African traditions and addressed those issues in her works. Raised by her traditional grandparents, she had to struggle even to gain education, because they did not believe that girls should be educated. Ba died a year before the publication of her second novel, Scarlet Song. Scarlet Song has gained international attention because; this book deals with the critically urgent need for women to create "empowered" spaces for themselves. The book criticizes the tyranny of tradition and expounds upon the despair of cross-cultural marriages. This book focuses on the oppression of culture that …show more content…
Josselson’s Theory of Women’s Identity Development:
According to Ruthellen Josselson’s theory of women’s identity development, she states that when women are faced with a confrontation they either progress or shut themselves. She has developed this theory from James E. Marcia’s Ego Identity status. She takes the four identity groups from James E. Marcia and adopts it to women. Those four groups include the following: 1. Foreclosures/ Guardians
2. Identity achievers/ Path
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The novel talks about the fascinating glimpse of how culture can imprison even the most educated people. This novel focuses on issues such as the clash of cultures, racism be it black or white, the role played by women in supporting the patriarchal system and the oppression of the white woman in the Black Country. It is a cross-cultural novel which focuses on the tragic events that happen because of the cultural differences between the protagonist Mireille and her husband. She is left alone without support in an unknown land. Even her in-laws turn against her and plot events against her. The novel demonstrates how she struggle throughout her life to survive in that foreign land. This study compares and contrasts the women characters in the novel and casts light on the way how clinging to one’s traditional and cultural norms takes out the humanity in

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