Analysis Of Margo Vail By William Shakespeare Essay

939 Words Apr 24th, 2016 4 Pages
After attending the performance of “Margo Vail”, I did not know what to think. From previously watching “Richard III” a couple of weeks ago, I felt that I would be better at following a University’s production of a play. However, I am not really sure what was going on in this play, which does not mean I did not like it, but I was in awe/confused most of the time. The reason why this production was so different because its not one of those classics like Shakespeare’s “Richard III” where you know what you are getting yourself into when you are an audience member. Instead, this play had concepts of body changing and to me there was not a single main actor the entire time. By changing who the play revolved around through this body changing, the writer was able to have themes of the difficulty of finding one’s true self and the agony that comes with this journey. Examples of this theme can be seen through all of the characters since every actor had their own chance of spotlight when they had their opportunity of being Margo Vail or Arthur. Therefore, by constantly changing who was who, the play was really confusing and hard to follow. However, by breaking it down after the play and thinking of all of the transformations that took place, I was able to have a better understanding of what happened and the themes became much clearer of the struggle of finding one’s true self. The strongest single element of the production was when people were changing bodies. In these scenes, the…

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