Analysis Of Marge Piercy 's ' Barbie Doll ' Essay

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Mirror Mirror From as early as birth girls have pink hair bows, fancy clothes, and high standards thrown at them, and it is hard not to ask why? Self-image has been an ongoing struggle with girls of all ages, primarily due to the fact that society throws images at them of beautiful women, unrealistic gender role toys, and the ideas that girls are meant to be in the kitchen from day one doesn’t help. Marge Piercy’s “Barbie Doll” is an astounding example of the affects society has on girls by putting focus on toys, peers, and the damage of a negative self-image. Starting with toys, Piercy makes her opening lines stating that, “This girlchild was born as usual/and presented dolls that did pee-pee”(1-2). What is being stated is that from a young age she had gender stereotyped toys thrown at her. This is something most parents are guilty of, and the sad part is they do not even realize the damage they are causing. The use of gender toys can be damaging because it contributes to a mindset that girls need make up and dress up clothes, they need to have a body like Barbie, and that their job is to cook, and take care of babies, and boys who show interest in such toys are insulted and punished. Though these toys seem harmless, they are the foundation and starting point of learning. As stated in an article in the New York Times, “children use toys to try on new roles, experiment, and explore interest” (Hains). This further proves Piercy point in saying the toys received overall…

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