Analysis Of Marcia Baxter Magolda 's Work On Gender Related Patterns

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After reading Marcia Baxter Magolda’s work on Gender-Related Patterns in Knowing, I found that I disagreed with the vast majority of her work. I want to highlight the idea that the development of knowing is a streamlined process from absolute knowing to contextual knowing. Throughout her work, she highlighted two students and their cognitive developmental and their process from being an absolute knower to contextual knowers.
My personal experiences have proven that students don’t start always start as absolute knowers. I am a first generation, Black woman who comes from a lower social economic household. For the majority of my development, I was not an absolute learner. An example of this is applying to college. Throughout that process, I was an independent knower, because I had to be. There was no one around for me to obtain knowledge from. I had to think for myself and create my own perspective of what applying to college looked like. While I had a guidance counselor, his lack of care and commitment promoted more independent thinking and less ensuring that I understand what the actual college process was.
The issue with this model of knowing is that it was developed from interactions with white students at a white prestige university. It does not take in account students who hold marginalized identities and how their cognitive development will look drastically different. When we do not challenge theories that put whiteness in the center, we as educators, those of color…

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