Analysis Of Mapp V. Ohio Essay

747 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
This course continues to be a very fun and exciting course ever since the first day, as I continue to learn more and more about the fascinating cases that were presented in the Supreme Court. Ever since writing the first reflection paper I have learned more about ground shaking decisions that were decided under the Warren court, but more importantly I have learned more about the rights of criminals and the accused. I now understand the great difficulty that the Supreme Court has when deciding upon a case, as many factors are involved. Many situations that are presented in front of the court are not cut and dry, but very complex, which adds another layer of struggle for justices to decide an outcome, as the outcome leads to many changes across the nation. One of the most important cases that we discussed was Mapp v. Ohio, which was decided upon in 1961. This case involved Dollree Map who rented out rooms to people. She was suspected of housing a suspect for a bomb situation, but when police came to search the establishment Dollree rightly refused due to the lack of warrant presented by the police. To me this case was very entertaining to learn about, as later police came back to the home with a fake search warrant and entered Dollree’s home. During their search, they found pornographic material, which was illegal at the time, and Dollree was arrested for being in “possession” of them. This case went all the way to the Supreme Court and the fourth amendment was the main…

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