Essay on Analysis Of Manju Kapur 's ' Fifth Novel Custody '

959 Words Nov 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Manju Kapur’s fifth novel Custody reflects the contemporary Indian female scenario through the protagonist. The modern notion of globalization and liberalization has made women more conscious and confirm about their space, self-identity and overall satisfaction in their life. To seek the overall satisfaction they dare to break the traditional shackles of the patriarchal and traditional set up existing in the society. The Custody set in a metropolitan city with environment of globalization and financial liberalization of the decade of nineties. The novel explores how materialistic world affects the psychological world of the human beings. In this novel, Manju Kapur has dealt with the women issues like infidelity and infertility and its consequences on their life. In the modern world, everyone thinks about more happiness and concerns more about self-satisfaction in any way. Modern woman also seeks self-satisfaction by breaking the patriarchal norms. In urge for self, she forgets about her surroundings and dependent relations. Being a responsible woman, she must follow certain norms that make her ideal woman but in search for self-identity, she forgets about her duties towards family, which brings disastrous results to the family. The novel explores the fact that the unity of family gets disturb if any member breaks the family’s rules. The novel is retrogress of how sweet family becomes a battlefield, how materialism worsens the spiritual world. It explores the fact that in…

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