Mama In The Sun Character Analysis

Than, Ruth a strong woman who helps Mama with the house work. In the play it’s obvious her and Walter have problems in their marriage. Although both of them have different mind sets, it’s noticeable Ruth fights to gain romance with Walter. As Walter’s bad choices affect the family, we see Ruth always stand by her husbands side through the good situations, or the bad. Ruth’s emotional strength is what helps her fight through bad situations. As the play continues to develop we see how her marriage gains romance, and her development as a character take place too. Finally, Mama a emotional woman as well as the head of the family. Although Mama is an emotional woman she fights for what she believes is right. Mama is vary religious, she brings …show more content…
After Mama made her son head of the family she trusted he would step up and provide for them, but instead she found out he had lost the money. When we see this scene, it is mostly focussed on Walter and Mama’s reaction because we see Mama’s react to hers sons mistakes. Throughout their family struggles we see how Mama’s faith comes in contact. Towards the end of the play Mama still has hope in Walter. As viewers we get a better understanding of a mothers love for her child because Mama is a perfect example. Although Mama has the opportunity to give up all hope, we see how she takes the struggles her family has gone through and convert them into lessons. Mama’s character has to be the strongest and most nurturing because although she is faced with obstacles; she manages to keep contact with her faith as well to support every member of her family. Symbolism takes place throughout “A Raisin in the Sun,” for example, Mama’s plant symbolizes owning her own garden in the future. These symbols help audience members have a better communication with the play. Hansberry’s structure of the play helps readers follow along. When we have analyzed the play we come to realize what has and hasn’t changes for African American Families since this play was

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