Essay about Analysis of Major Vocabulary Terms: Wuthering Heights

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Trey’s Wuthering Heights Vocab List: Remember folks, use CTRL+F to search this
X/Y/Z = X Y Z; the /’s are spaces
Chapters 1-3, Chapters 4-9, Chapters 10-17, Chapters 18-24, Chapters 25-30, Chapters 31-34
Misanthropist: Hates mankind
Manifested: To appear (also: ship’s cargo)
Flags: Flat stones used to pave walkways
Soliloquize: Talking to yourself
Peevish: Having strong annoyance; Pissed-off
Ejaculation: Sudden forceful speech HURR DURR LETS USE THIS ON EVERY LINE OF THE BOOK
Surly: Rude, unfriendly
Penetralium: Innermost part (of a building)
Sundry: Various, separate
Stalwart: Hardy, sturdy
Gypsy: Wandering people, GIVE ME YOUR TEARS GYPSY
Slovenly: Untidy/dirty
Morose: Gloomy
Impertinence: Absurdity (you got this, right?)
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Sough: To rustle (leaves, etc)
Beck: Nod to attract attention
Fastidiousness (say this one 3 times quickly): Demanding, delicate (used both definitions)
Presentiment: Feeling like something will happen
Covetousness: Wanting someone else’s stuff
Furze: Prickly evergreen shrub (European cactus?)
Avarice: Greed
Malevolence: Harmful
Mitigating: Partly excusing crime (pardons)
Mawkish: Sentimental
Propitiate: Win somebody’s favor
Impudence: Nerve, audacity (Being a total dick)
Approbation: Approval (to do something)
Intractable: Difficult to deal with (hard math problem, etc)
Ignominious: Shameful
Derision: Mocking scorn
Leveret: Rabbit during its first year of birth (baby rabbit)
Stolidity: Not excitable, unemotional
Stoical: Enduring, tolerant
Compunction: Shame
Peremptorily: Dictatorial (expecting to be obeyed); Urgent (used both definitions)
Pertinaciously: Resolute
Pigeons’/Feathers: Pigeons’ feathers prevented the soul from leaving the body; bullshit myth
Elf-bolts: Arrowheads to kill cows; more bullshit myth
Paroxysm: Sudden outburst of emotion
Kirk: Church
Sanguine: Confident (also blood-red, you know, from Macbeth)
Obviate: Avoiding something
Slattern: Offensive term against women (for hygiene or sexual activity)
Alacrity: Eager
Perspicacity: Acute perception
Brach: Female dog
Abject: Miserable, despicable, humble (first two are used, pretty sure third will be too)

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