Analysis Of Maisie Dobbs By Jacqueline Winspear Essays

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In Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear almost every character has some kind of wound, either physical or mental. Two character that have such wounds are James Compton and Billy Beale. Both of which have an obvious scar from war and mental scars that are also somewhat apparent. The mental scar is more obvious on James while the physical scar is more obvious on Billy. Although James have both kinds of scarring his mental one stands out the most. Before the war he was a jovial and eccentric young man. However, after the devastation of world war one he becomes depressed and reclusive. As stated by his servant Mrs. Crawford, ” Master James will eat in his rooms, with his misery for company” (Winspear 206). He eats dinner in his room away from his family which was not typical of him in prewar times. He is not anything like he used to he does not go out and have fun like he used to. Earlier in the text it explains how he moved to canada and was a happy person besides being separated from his love. After the Great war he would randomly disappear from his family for a short time without letting anyone know where he is going. His physical scars are on his arms and legs. He got those because shrapnel got caught in them during the war. Which is not a huge scar from an outside perspective compared to his depression but is still somewhat hard for him because he does feel pain from them. His injuries kind of makes him stand out from the rest of society. Billy Beales scars from the…

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