Analysis Of Madam President By Lane Smith

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The author of this book had expressed that boys should show more characteristics of leadership, masculinity, and the capability of being logical. Each of the jobs, that the boys were expected to do, have placed a large emphasis on these traits. The example “Boys are policemen. Girls are meter maids.” showed this opinion well.
Men were expected to put their lives in danger and use their muscles and brain to catch bad guys, while women would not be heard of doing such a task. They were expected to just put tickets on cars. Instead of their being a division of capabilities of men vs. woman there should be free choice. Men and woman are all different there are no set jobs or tasks that either of them should be expected to complete based on their
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The book is portrayed through a humorous outlook of a little girl who imagines what her day would be like if she were to be president for the day. In the two previous books that I had mentioned a girl being president would have been unheard of for that time period. Men have been the only individuals to be voted as president, so even implying that a woman could be capable of such a task would be laughed out in the 1950s to 1970s. In the same year this book was published the current president Barrack Obama was elected president. He was the first biracial president in history. This was major event for the United States. With not only the election of Obama Sarah Palin had also run for vice president. If she would have won this too would have been a first. As the time has changed and the mindsets of individuals have changed a woman being president may not be that …show more content…
“Over time, society has recognized that stereotypes of masculine and feminine behaviors and characteristics are inaccurate. In the past, girls were only allowed to do feminine things like playing with dolls or cooking. They were expected to be more passive. Boys were expected to be more aggressive and to only show masculine behaviors” (Gender). All the while, time has shown that girls frequently excel in sports or school subjects that are viewed as masculine while boys too may excel at dance or singing (this viewed in the past as ‘girl’ activities). All children, no matter the gender, exhibit interests and abilities. Labels of famine and masculinity should not pressure a parent to want their kids to change or be responsible for any obstacle that a child may deal with when wanting to pursue their interests. Rather than having a child fix into the cookie cutter molds that society has formed for them based on their genders, be open. Be open for changes and encourage children to be anything they wish to be. The first two books that I have discussed “reinforce stereotypes about what it means to be a boy or a girl, and therefore make children who don’t conform to these stereotypes more vulnerable to bullying and become risk for low self-esteem” (Lowther). If parents were to read these books to their children today I would hope they would too discuss that just because these books give ideas of what you could grow

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