Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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Shakespeare is very famously known for developing extremely complex characters in which one must analyze the characters’ surrounding circumstances in order to be fully capable of surpassing a superficial characterization of actions and morals. Macbeth, a play written in the 17th century, explores the journey of a noble Scottish general turned guilt-ridden murderer-Macbeth- Macbeth takes a ride down a long road of wickedness which is jump-started by the prophecies of the three cruel witches-The Wëird Sisters-and continued on by none other than Macbeth’s extremely intimidating wife-Lady Macbeth- At a first glance one would assume that Macbeth being a murderer defines him as an evil person cursed with the absence of a heart, but as the play progresses the light shines on the “peer pressure” (something we can all identify with) in which Lady Macbeth imposes upon her husband. Lady Macbeth’s manipulative ways drove Macbeth to commit such evil acts which makes one inclined to behave more sympathetically than we otherwise might. All throughout this expedition, the roles of women and men are constantly intertwined, whether it be the switching or roles or the ruining of status, Macbeth falls victim to this conflict by not upholding the guidelines of gender roles during his time and yielding to the demands of the selfish intentions of others. Considering other Shakespearean male protagonist such as Othello, Julius Caesar, Hamlet, etc, Macbeth is a character that in the…

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