Analysis Of Lucas 's ' The ' Of The Maze ' Essay

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A blaring voice suddenly awoke Lucas. Lucas opened his eyes, and realized that he had no understanding of where he was. A monotone voice spoke to Lucas saying, “You are now trapped in a maze. You have one hour to find the right path to escape or you will die. Along the way you will face important decisions. If you choose wisely you will be lead on the right path. Make sure you are not mislead Lucas, and remember to follow the right path. Good luck. Your journey begins now.” Lucas suddenly feared that he would die and many thoughts began to overwhelm him. He was now terrified, but knew that he must stay focused on escaping, or his life would come to an end. Lucas was brave, athletic, and intelligent throughout his early years in life. Many situations did not startle him, but his body was now trembling. The shear scenery of the maze disgusted him, as he felt isolated. The maze was made up of a solid silver, and the paths ahead appeared darkened and were deep. Lucas was mentally capable of overcoming this maze, he just had to rely on his abilities. He took control of himself, remained focused and was ready to approach the maze.
At the very beginning Lucas was faced with a huge decision. Would he turn right or left to start the maze? He started looking around for clues, but couldn’t find any in his surroundings. He tried to think of what the voice had told him and recalled the voice saying, “to follow the right path”. Lucas now became aware that he was to turn right, and did…

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