Essay on Analysis Of Lucas 's ' The Moon '

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Lucas groaned as he sat up, groggily blinking as he glanced around the dark room, before jumping to his feet, the sun only beginning to rise as he slipped into a wool tunic. He splashed water on his face, running a hand through his curled hair. He was a teacher-- well, a sophist, really. Lucas Vorieas, a man that could teach both the young and old anything they wished to know—for a price of four drachmas.
Seeing that he himself was a complete idiot in most topics, one could call it a scam, but in all honesty, Lucas was dead serious when he said that the moon revolved around the sun, which revolved around the earth or other silly assumptions. He was a master in the art of arguing, almost always winning or being close to it.
He had arrived in Athens a few nights ago, and since then, he has built up a pretty steady schedule. His mornings would begin with a stroll through Athens’ streets, waiting for the sun to rise so he could return to his rented home for breakfast. For a more than fair deal of hundred drachmas per season, he found himself renting a house just south of the Acropolis. Like a majority of houses in Athens, it was made from sundried brick, and the roof was tiled with clay. It was rather small house, but that didn 't trouble him much. It was just the right size for himself, having no intentions to marry anytime soon. Possibly never at all, though that was often frowned upon.
He had considered marrying before, and he knew that it would be quite simple to find a…

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