Essay about Analysis Of Lucas Wheeler 's ' I Just Want My Dad '

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One of my middle brothers, Lucas Wheeler, was always the troublemaker of the family. Ever since the day my father left my mother, he has made my mom’s life a living hell at times. He was by far the closest to my biological father, so the day that he left was not easy for Lucas. He used to spit at my mom when he was mad at her and said “how do you like that?” My mother would have to hold him down while he threw a temper tantrum and when he was done, he would cry and say “I just want my dad”. Ever since I could remember, Lucas has had many emotional issues. It all started really getting out of hand his senior year of high school. Lucas was never the brightest or most intelligent student throughout his many years of school. He barely finished high school. He was they type of student where if he did not like his teacher, he would definitely let the teacher know he was not fond of them. After Lucas got involved with the wrong group of friends, he just stopped trying in school all together. His issues all started pretty minor, but quickly escalated and became bigger problems. I was just a seventh grader when his actions started to hurt the entire family. Lucas got into some legal trouble and after a few times, my mother just did not know what to do with him anymore. It started with just a weekly counselor, but my mother soon realized that that was not affecting him at all. Everything sort of exploded when he was 17. Lucas did a bad thing and ended up in juvenile…

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