Essay on Analysis Of ' Love By Andrew Reiner

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Response to “Love, Actually” Andrew Reiner writer of, “Love, Actually” expresses the epidemic of a larger percent of millennials, that are facing the trends and fear of being in a committed relationship as a result, millennials’ mind set has shifted less empathy and increase on self-esteem and narcissism. Millennials’ fears toward vulnerability might keep them from reaching a marriage later on in their lives and the knowledge of love. Even though, they might not consider the importance of the healing power of love and intimacy, that cannot be found anywhere just in learning how to love. Reiner is accurate in his observation that hooking up and hanging out have both led to a generation that fears vulnerability because is affecting relationship, this generation does not want commitment and responsibilities. Reiner claims that the trend to hook up has led millennials’ unfulfilled and unaware of romance. This is true but on the other hand that’s the new habits millennials have opted to use to get to know each other, like asking out for a date. There are many factors that are being affected by this trend. For instance, relationships don’t have a strong foundation and that’s why we see this generation lonelier and facing a lot of brake-ups. Today this trend is reaching higher levels which have made the mind set of many millennials to set an average age to get married, with this mind set marriages are not hundred percent sure to make it through and the other hand be the increase…

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