Analysis Of Loung Ung 's First They Killed My Father Essay

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I had chosen First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers because it looked to be the more interesting of the two from the class and if they were assigned I imagined either would be a good choice. Loung Ung, the author, describes in the first person, present tense accounts of how the Khmer Rouge Army, under Pol Pot’s command, forced her and her family from their home and their experience from 1975-1980. She is a nationally known spokesperson for the Campaign for a Landmine Free World and a Cambodian American human rights activist. Loung Ung’s First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers was a national best seller in 2001, a year after it was published the Asian Pacific American Librarians’ association described it as “Excellence in Adult Non-fiction Literature". Loung Ung describes her personal experience of being the daughter of a well off Government official right after the rise of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Plot’s reign. She provides and in depth retelling of the lives of her and her family while they lived through terrible experiences and circumstances as child soldiers and labor camp workers which can translate into the experience of thousands of other Cambodians during that time. As a Small child Loung was part of a well off family living in Phnom Penh, she being one of a family of nine including, her, her mother and father, three brothers and three sisters. She describes in detail the series of events that leads to them leaving…

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